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Honor Stoner

Yellowstone Program Coordinator

Honor Stoner is a dedicated and experienced environmental scientist, working to protect and preserve the natural world through her role as a Yellowstone Program Assistant for Ecology Project International. With a passion for sustainability and conservation, Honor has dedicated her career to educating communities about the importance of protecting the environment, and implementing practical solutions to address the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet today.

After obtaining her M.S. in Environmental Science from CU Denver, she traveled to Hawaii, Fiji, and Costa Rica teaching introductory college courses and exploring these ecologically important areas. She worked as a Yellowstone Instructor for EPI for the 2022 winter and summer seasons, as a Hawaii Island Ecology Program instructor in 2023, and is excited to be returning to Yellowstone and to again be in the field sharing amazing experiences with students!

She is a talented communicator and leader, inspiring others to join the movement to create a more sustainable and equitable future. Through her work at Ecology Project International, Honor is helping to create a world in which the delicate balance of nature is respected and protected for generations to come.

In her free time, Honor enjoys camping, hiking, and backpacking with her dog Cocoa, as well as snowboarding, surfing, climbing, and photography.

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