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Joel Coronado

Mexico Program Instructor

Joel is an Ecology Project International (EPI) Instructor for the Mexico Program. He was born in Culiacan Sinaloa and spent his childhood in the Baja Peninsula. In middle school, he developed a keen interest in sciences, life, and the sea, which motivated him to pursue a degree in Marine Biology at La Paz State University, UABCS.

Joel's first introduction to EPI was during high school when he participated in an Island Ecology course with his school. After finishing his degree, he worked at a turtle camp in Los Cabos, where he began to develop an interest in Environmental Education. While at the turtle camp, he collaborated with one of EPI's groups, and the experience made him want to become more involved with the organization. He began volunteering for EPI, assisting with administrative tasks during his social service, and eventually became an intern for the Island Ecology Program. Due to his excellent work, Joel was hired as a field instructor. Currently, he is completing his Bachelor's degree, focusing on shore bird research.

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