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Joshua Kuensting

Administrative and Bookeeping Assistant

Joshua is the Administrative and Bookkeeping Assistant at Ecology Project International. He is a well-rounded individual with a diverse background in both education and experiences. Originally from Jefferson City, MO, Joshua now resides in Missoula, MT where he maintains a small but meaningful studio ceramic practice. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and an MFA in Ceramics, but also believes in nontraditional education and has acquired a high level of proficiency in lactic and acetic pickling of vegetables.

Throughout his travels in the US, Joshua has sought out experiential learning opportunities, such as volunteering for the federal government in Washington, DC, living in a sustainable desert community in AZ, building affordable housing in MN, and studying forging and fabricating steel in Appalachia, NC.

At Ecology Project International, Joshua is excited to work with individuals who are committed to creating quality experiences in the natural world for young adults. He believes that these experiences can have a great and lifelong impact on impressionable young people.

In his free time, Joshua enjoys truck camping in tree-filled places near moving water. He is also a huge fan of cooking and exploring recipes made from local ingredients.

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