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Karen Acevedo Escobedo

Mexico Program Instructor

Karen Acevedo Escobedo is an instructor with Ecology Project International (EPI). Originally from Mexico City, she has been living in La Paz for almost 5 years. Karen earned her master's degree in marine science and conservation, working with whale sharks at an NGO. During this time, she participated in various environmental education campaigns and workshops, as well as in the intern and volunteer program, where she worked with databases and scientific dissemination. This experience helped her to transmit her passion for conservation to her work with EPI.

Karen loves the supportive and enthusiastic vibe of the EPI team, and she finds it exciting to facilitate participants' connections with the environment and to empower them to make positive changes in the world. She is enthusiastic about working with EPI, as she admires the organization's mission and the people who work for it.

In her free time, Karen enjoys participating in workshops and science outreach, as well as beach cleanups and other community activities. She also enjoys spending time at the beach with her dog Atomo and reading.

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