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Katherine Sánchez

Costa Rica Instructor

Katherine Sánchez, a field instructor in Costa Rica for Ecology Project International, hails from Los Angeles San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica, located near the cloud forest. She attended a national university where she earned her titles in tropical biology and biology with an emphasis in natural resources and wildlife management. Katherine has a rich experience in the field of environmental education, having worked as a natural history and ecology teacher, a local director of sea turtle conservation programs, and a research assistant at the Natural Resources and Wildlife Laboratory of the National University of Costa Rica.

Throughout her career, Katherine has worked with endemic and unique species like Incilius holdridgei, focused on conservation efforts for snakes, and invasive species on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. She has led several conservation projects across the country with a particular focus on amphibians, reptiles, mangroves, and urban wildlife. Katherine is excited to continue carrying out conservation programs with young people, empowering them to become good leaders and providing them with the necessary tools to be agents of change.

Apart from her passion for environmental education, Katherine enjoys singing, music, meditation, and spending time in nature. She also loves to share her knowledge and experiences with local communities, and her environmental education proposal was even selected to receive an economic fund from the Fund for the Strengthening of Student Capacities of the National University to carry out environmental education workshops in the Caribbean region of the country.

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