Kevin Niehaus

Yellowstone Instructor

A self-proclaimed hybrid between outdoorsy and nerdy, Kevin was born and raised in southern Indiana along the Ohio River. Since, he's touched down across the US; Portland, Jackson, and Moab- which he considers a second home. With an background in biology, paleontology, and education, his entire career has been focused on working with youth and using these positions as a platfrom to share information about natural history and ecosystems. He's received professional training as a naturalist, wildlife guide, and river guide and has even spent several seasons leading llama pack-stock trips.

He's excited to join EPI for the growth opportunities and for a chance to build community. He's always in search for a community of caring and enthusiastic naturalists who value exploring nature. Kevin learns best through teaching and his passion is to help others gain a sense of place by learning how to tune into their local ecosystem through exploration, education, and discovery - EPI feels like the perfect place to do that!

In addition to his outdoor expertise, Kevin will be bringing a love of sculpture, theater, choir, and video games. He loves proving to kids that video games and hiking aren't mutually exclusive.