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Mak Marchioni

Yellowstone Instructor

Meet Mak Marchioni, a dedicated outdoor educator and animal enthusiast. Originally from Gulfport, MS, Mak pursued her passion for biology and marine science at the University of South Alabama, where she obtained her bachelor's degree. Mak has an impressive background in animal rehabilitation, having worked with a variety of animals ranging from snakes, spiders, turtles, and scorpions, to dolphins, sea lions, and even parrots!

Mak will be coming from the San Bernadino mountains where she’s been teaching outdoor education to middle and high school students. Her passion for making science and the outdoors tangible to all ages has driven her career as an educator. Mak is excited to bring her love for wildlife and conservation to Yellowstone as an instructor for the Ecology Project International (EPI). She looks forward to working with the incredible wildlife and geothermal activity in the park and assisting EPI's research partners in their studies.

When Mak is not teaching or rehabilitating animals, you can find her exploring new places and hiking in the great outdoors. She is also a creative individual who enjoys journaling, drawing, and cooking, and has a particular affinity for baking.

Mak's enthusiasm for wildlife and outdoor education, combined with her dedication to conservation, make her an excellent addition to the EPI team. She is passionate about cultivating a love for science and conservation in all ages and is excited to share her knowledge and experiences with her students.

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