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Rocío Macías Nieto

Costa Rica Instructor

Rocho Machias Nieto, a field instructor for Ecology Project International in Costa Rica, originally hails from Salamanca, Spain, and currently resides there. She earned a degree in Biology from Salamanca University, followed by a Master's degree in Zoology from UCM. Rocho gained experience working with endangered animals from all over the world during an internship at a local zoo and contributing to various conservation programs. She has also served as an environmental educator at a campsite near their hometown and most recently worked as a research assistant at Pacuare Reserve for six months in 2022.

Rocho's passion for animal conservation is palpable, and her experience working with sea turtles has only strengthened her devotion to the cause. Working alongside EPI members has shown Rocho the importance of educating young people about environmental issues, and she finds inspiration in the team's enthusiasm and belief in the power of education.

In her free time, Rocho enjoys hiking and identifying different species of birds and insects with their trusty field guide. She also loves reading, music, and cinema, and volunteers at local dog rescue centers whenever possible.

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