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Sawyer Meegan

Yellowstone Field Instructor

Sawyer grew up romping and roaming the forests of New Hampshire before coming to Montana in 2015 to study resource conservation and restoration ecology at the University of Montana. While in school he taught backpacking, rock climbing, rafting and cross-country skiing at the outdoor program there. After finishing his Bachelor of Science, Sawyer worked in outdoor education and invasive weed management for three years in the Missoula County area. When he is isn’t stuck in the weeds or reminding kids to drink water, he can be found yelling at rocks to make them easier to climb, doing manatee impressions in a hot spring, or making snow angels mid-way through a ski run. Sawyer led his first Yellowstone course with EPI in the fall and can’t wait to continue sharing the natural science and history that make the beauty and the beasts of the Yellowstone ecosystem so special.

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