Counting Species

in the rainforest

How can students participate in authentic data collection and biodiversity assessment in Costa Rica without leaving home? Dive into the Pacuare Reserve Camera Trap Project hosted by Zooniverse using tools like HHMI’s BiomeViewer to explore characteristics of biomes that will allow your students to reach outside of the classroom and into the world of scientific research in the rainforest.

During this workshop, we will use BiomeViewer to explore two locations on the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor and discover how wildlife corridors connect biomes and support biodiversity. We'll access camera trap data collected from Pacuare Reserve in Costa Rica and participate in data analysis that helps scientists striving to evaluate species richness and abundance at the Reserve.

Participants will explore the free, classroom-ready resources available on the EPI website, and be introduced to the opportunities available for field experiences in the Pacuare Reserve, where the studies that provide the camera trap data are hosted.

This workshop will equip educators to facilitate student inquiry and direct learning through participation in authentic research as citizen scientists, and to use the BiomeViewer app to explore characteristics of ecosystems.

This workshop is intended for educators who teach all levels of high school biology, environmental science, or other life science, including introductory and advanced (AP, IB, etc.) courses. Strategies for synchronous online instruction will be modeled.


Instructors & Speakers

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Laura Dinerman

Online Curriculum and Teacher Training Supervisor

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Tyler Eisenhand

Field Experience Coordinator

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