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Becca Schultz

Becca Schultz

Becca's interest in EPI began with a trip to Pacuare Reserve in Costa Rica in 2010 - part of a larger course on sea turtle biology through Coastal Carolina University. There, they completed the data collection and research presentation aspects of the course and utilized the expertise and leadership of the EPI instructors.

Throughout her education, Becca has continued to find connections to science and environmental conservation. As both a leader and a student, she's found herself surrounded by women who were driven, focused, and passionate about science. From diversity springs strong communities, from variety in perspectives comes brilliant ideas. She feels it's the dedication to building communities of informed youth that leads to actual change in the future of this Planet's natural environment.

Becca's dedication to exposing young adults to conservation ecology through hands-on experience and education continues to draw her to EPI's mission.

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