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Costa Rica
Season Highlights

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is a region that is economically impoverished, but rich in biodiversity and culture. Felines, primates, and tropical birds migrate through these slender corridors, and the coast is one of the world's richest areas for nesting sea turtles.

Despite Costa Rica's laudable efforts at wildlife conservation, pollution, hunting, and poaching continue to threaten forest and marine species alike.

Costa Rican youth often inherit conflicting values, the old traditions of sea turtle consumption, and the new ideals of environmental conservation. Since 2000, EPI has provided science and conservation programming for Costa Rican youth in the belief that deep, substantive change—and the hope for our planet—rests in education.


the Fieldwork

EPI's connection to local students doesn't end when the course does. For local Costa Rican participants, post-course alumni mentorship activities enhance leadership skills while building critical thinking, a personal conservation ethic, and an awareness of environmental issues facing Costa Rica’s astounding biodiversity.

Meet some of our alumni and the wildlife they're working to protect.



Costa Rican Students

Take the first step in engaging the next generation of conservation leaders.


Pacuare Reserve  

Veragua Rainforest

Tirimbina Rainforest

Coastal Jaguar Conservation

LAST (Latin American Sea Turtles) 

Estación Las Tortugas

Panthera Costa Rica


Paul M. Angell Family Foundation


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