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Experiential learning

starts here.

Discover a travel program like no other, where science and exploration go hand in hand. Whether you're collecting data alongside scientists or working with locals on a critical conservation project, our programs provide authentic learning experiences that are freed from the constraints of the classroom. 

Explore our expeditions for teachers and students, professional development programs for educators, or travel options for individuals.

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Student & Teacher Expeditions

Get out of the classroom and into the wild. Inspire your students and engage them with real scientific inquiry on our seven to fifteen-day field-based travel programs.

Professional Development

Rekindle your love of learning and explore the freedom of inquiry-driven, science education. Programs include Educator Professional Development Programs and EPI's Teacher Fellowship.

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Individual Student Travel

Journey to the far off tropics. Climb to the alpine meadows. Study science with like-minded peers and help us protect endangered wildlife on our individual student travel programs.

The EPI Methodology

How does EPI empower youth to see themselves as leaders capable of inspiring change on global environmental issues? By providing immersive educational programming that produces real conservation outcomes, fosters a scientific mindset, and cultivates a love of nature. 

A Sustainable 


EPI deepens its impact through strategic programming. Leadership programs provide alumni a platform to engage with environmental issues and policies. Professional development programs improve classroom science education, and institutional partnerships bridge the divide between researchers and local communities.

Taking Action

Teens care about environmental issues like climate change, and EPI provides the skills and focus they need to take meaningful action. Successful student-led initiatives on a host of environmental issues show that EPI's Global Initiatives are making a lasting impact. 

What Makes 

EPI Unique?

Partnerships with scientists - Biologists with Yellowstone National Park. Principal Investigators in the Galapagos. Our partnerships set us apart.

Real conservation impacts - Restoring habitat. Protecting wildlife. We all learn best when we know how much it matters.

Nonprofit initiatives - We're committed to building a brighter future for the planet. Your tuition dollars help fund education and conservation programs for communities in need. 

Meet a few of our


Teachers, administrators, animal-lovers, professors, zoo educators, department chairs, students. There are many types of EPI-phytes.

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