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Why Professional Development?
The Challenge of the Classroom

Science educators face a unique set of challenges in the classroom. During the past ten years, a wide body of research has shown that students learn best when they're allowed to wonder, question, and explore the world's natural phenomena. But teachers are often held back by classroom constraints and the pressure of teaching to the test.


What if it didn't have to be that way? On all of EPI's Professional Development Programs, we teach progressive, inquiry-based methods that will allow you to introduce more exploration into your classroom while still meeting those testing requirements. Best of all, we model the methods we teach. Our programs take you into the field. You'll work with scientists and wildlife. This is your chance to explore.

2019 Yellowstone Fellowship Haley (7).jp

Strengthen your science skills

By collecting data and working alongside researchers you'll become not only a better science teacher but a better scientist.

Bring Science to Life

The world of science education is changing. EPI's field-based professional development programs will keep you ahead of the curve. Anchor your teaching in inquiry, inspire your students, and bring your classroom to life. 


with Science

Whether you join EPI for a fellowship, a workshop, or a field-training in the NGSS, you'll return to the classroom with a new set of tools, ideas, and lessons that will inspire your students. 


Join EPI in the field, and reconnect with the fundamentals of learning.

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