EPI Board of Directors

EPI’s Board comprises individuals with exceptional skills and knowledge who share a core belief in the power of science and experiential learning as a transformational force.


They all care deeply about nature, the environment, and the sustainability of the planet, and work tirelessly to get earth back on a healthy track for the benefit of generations to come.

Aaron Hirsh, Chair

Writer & Biologist, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Boulder, Colorado

Board Chair Aaron Hirsh is a writer and biologist with strong interests in education, evolution, and the environment. He is a research affiliate at UC Boulder's department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology as well as a Board member of the Vermilion Sea Institute.

Lynn Price, Vice Chair

Senior Scientist (retired), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Berkeley, California

Retired senior scientist Lynn Price first experienced the profoundly transformative effects of EPI’s projects when she travelled to Costa Rica as a chaperone for her son’s high school class in the 1990s.

Julie Osborn

Co-founder, EPI

Missoula, Montana

Julie Osborn is the co-founder of EPI. She continues to be motivated by the transformation she witnesses in EPI’s students, and the ways in which EPI offers otherwise unattainable opportunities to youth as well as the urgent need to address ecological damage to our planet.

Laura Iza

Legal Counselor and CEO, Ecomarshé

Guadalajara, México

In addition to her expertise in marketing and international and Mexican law, Laura also brings her perspective as a Latinx former local participant to the EPI Board. She chose to study law as a direct result of her exposure to EPI and the realization that she could create change using her own talents and skills.

Charles Holmes

Founder, CE Holmes Consulting Inc.

Vancouver, BC

Charles is a cultural anthropologist, educator, and facilitator. Charles works primarily with Executive Teams and Boards of Directors on projects requiring input from multiple stakeholders. Charles’ greatest passion is bringing together groups with diverse opinions to engage in building desired futures.

Maureen Eldredge

Partner, Hutchinson, Black and Cook, LLC

Boulder, Colorado

As an EPI Board member, Maureen connects her marine biology past with conservation issues, while contributing to a valuable cause. Having worked to protect reef fish and encountering resistance from local fishermen, she experienced first-hand that nothing can be accomplished on the ground if the people most impacted by the efforts are not engaged and on board.

Si White

CFO, The Packard Humanities Institute

Los Altos, California

Si, an experienced finance executive, has worked and lived internationally in a variety of global financial leadership roles with EY, PepsiCo, Nestle, International Game Technology, Cisco, and as CFO of two well respected non profits, The Grameen Foundation and Kiva Microfunds.

Nicole-Anne Boyer

Partner, NOW Partners

San Francisco, California

With a professional background as a strategist and facilitator of strategic renewal projects across the private, public and social sectors, Nicole-Anne is well placed to bring her expertise in futures thinking and scenario planning to the EPI Board.

Steve Anderson

Lead Financial Planner, Navion Financial Advisors

Sacramento, California

Steve appreciates how his volunteer work with EPI keeps him connected to ecology and environmental education, and sees the powerful way it introduces students to fieldwork and scientific inquiry.

Trent Baker

Attorney, Datsopoulos MacDonald & Lind P.C.

Missoula, Montana

As a passionate conservation and river advocate, Trent is especially motivated by EPI’s mission of connecting youth to nature, science and each other, which he sees as essential to our future.

Steve McCarthy (Emeritus)

Aerospace Engineer (retired), Systems Engineering Associates (SEA)

Pacific Palisades, California

For Steve, it is important to work with young people so they understand the value of taking care of our planet and its flora and fauna, and using its resources carefully with a recognition that they are limited. EPI combines academic learning and practical activities to allow students to experience these issues for themselves.

David Wilson

President, Triple C Management

Boulder, Colorado

David brings professional expertise in marketing, brand building and strategic planning to his role on the EPI Board as well as experience in fundraising and non-profit leadership on both Boards and Foundations. He has a strong belief in the work EPI is doing and is committed to helping the organization achieve its goals.

Mike den Haan

Principal, MDH & Associates

Burnaby, BC

A planner and fundraiser, Mike den Haan has been managing nonprofits in the health and education sectors for more than 25 years. When friend and fellow Board member, Charles Holmes, mentioned that EPI’s board was seeking members with his unique skills in Integrated Communications and Capacity Building, Mike saw an opportunity to align his values with an organization on a broader scale.



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