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Become a Conservation All Star!

We call our monthly donors Conservation All Stars. Why? Because an all star team is full of the most exceptional and engaged members of a community. And that's what you are joining - an all star team of EPI's sustaining supporters - preserving vulnerable research sites and protecting the wildlife that call these places home. 

During these challenging times, your gift goes further to protect vulnerable wildlife species and ensure continued conservation and research efforts at each of our field sites. Conservation All Stars are fundamental in our planning efforts to offer more support for students and teachers, even bringing EPI directly into the classroom through virtual programming. 

Why Monthly Giving?

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Monthly gifts are secure, automatic, and enabled right from our site. This means your gift goes even further without administrative fees. Everything is digital, which cuts down on paper waste too! 

Your gift goes further


Conservation All Stars help EPI plan more efficiently as we work to achieve our conservation and community leadership goals.


Monthly support also drives valuable conservation research on species like leatherback sea turtles, yellow-headed parrots, and bison.

A Cornerstone for EPI


Our all-stars get the exclusive updates and are the first to know about exciting highlights from the field, suggestions for sustainable living, and ways to get directly involved with EPI programs.


You'll get updates on the projects your gift supports from start to finish.

Be in the know

What You'll Get:

  • A digital welcome kit 

  • A welcome coupon for EPI's online store

  • Access to our exclusive email communication

  • A surprise gift on your one-year anniversary 

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Sea turtle hatchlings released in Costa Rica

Endangered yellow-headed parrots monitored in Belize

m2 of invasive plants removed in the Galapagos Islands

Benthic marine species registered in Baja

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Hours of ungulate research in Yellowstone

What Monthly Giving Makes Possible:

The Lives You Change

Conservation All Star FAQs

How much do I have to donate to join the All Star Team?

For as little as $10 a month, you can join our Conservation All Star team! We appreciate any sustaining support for our conservation and education programs.

I'd love to join the team! How do I join?

We made it super easy to become an All Star. You can go directly to our Donate page and follow the little heart sign to become a monthly donor. Choose your gift amount and follow the rest of the instructions on the registration page. That's it, just set it and forget it! You will receive a notification and receipt each month.

When will I receive my yearly donation summary or tax receipt?

We send out our yearly donation summaries and tax receipts in December of each year. If you have any questions about your monthly donation you can call 406-721-8784 or email donate@ecologyproject.org.

What if I want to change my monthly donation amount or cancel my account?

You can login to your donation account directly from our Donation webpage using DonorBox. There you can view your donation summaries, update any information, change your donation amount, or cancel your donations. You can change or cancel at anytime.

How can I stay updated on what my gift is supporting?

Great question! When you become a Conservation All Star, you are automatically signed up for our monthly donor email series and newsletters as well as our regular EPI newsletter we send out quarterly. We will also send you our Summer and Year End reports that highlight what we have accomplished and upcoming programs we plan to pursue. You can also check out our work on our Global Impacts Page. For the quickest updates, we recommend following our Facebook and Instagram pages. We regularly post exciting updates from the field about EPI programs.

I see that your work spans 5 countries! What if I want my gift to go to a specific program?

EPI has a global impact as we work to support both conservation and education in all the countries we run our courses. If you are interested in supporting a specific program, you may make that selection on our Donate page where there is a list of our current campaigns. Our "greatest need" campaign is our most popular donation selection as it supports our most current projects.