Every. Single. Egg.

At Ecology Project International, we are working to turn the tide for sea turtles through our work at Costa Rica’s Pacuare Reserve. At one time, more than 98% of sea turtle nests were lost. But thanks to 20 years of tireless monitoring, public education, and local collaborations, we’ve seen monumental improvements and that figure has fallen to less than 2%. Sadly, ongoing issues like climate change and human activity threaten sea turtle populations worldwide.

Why protect sea turtles? They are a keystone species— critical to healthy ecosystems. Sea turtles improve coastal habitat through nesting, promote marine biodiversity by balancing prey populations, and are critical to the health of coral reef ecosystems.


Nesting season has returned, and leatherback sea turtles need your help! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the financial support and volunteer time that is critical to on-the-ground operations at the Reserve will again be reduced. Even so, leatherbacks are returning to nest at Pacuare Reserve and our work continues. 

For as little as $1 per egg, you can protect an entire generation of endangered sea turtles, fund critical conservation research, and help our team provide the same the research essential to understanding sea turtle ecology.

Will you help us?

Because of the incredible support for last year's emergency Every Egg campaign, the field crew was able to save more than 54,000 leatherback sea turtle eggs. Our team worked relentlessly to protect every, single, egg. Reports from our field team show that our presence was critical to the success of leatherbacks, but not every reserve was as lucky. Pacuare Reserve experienced less illegal harvesting than other regional protected areas thanks to the dedicated support from local communities.