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What does your company have in common with EPI? More than you might expect!


Every day, people harness the power of their purchasing to do good in the world. Your sponsorship of EPI shows your audience your dedication to playing a vital role in connecting youth to science and nature. This access is the first step in galvanizing your internal and external stakeholders to make a lifelong impact on education, conservation, and leadership.

Sponsor an event

EPI's annual First Friday Events enrich the diverse arts and nonprofit environment of Missoula, MT. 


With live music, conservation-minded art, and local food vendors, this event draws local businesses, local people, and nonprofits.

Sponsoring a live event puts your name front and center for Missoula's most active community members.

Make an Impact

with your Brand

EPI provides its alumni with transformative experiences in biodiversity hotspots like Costa Rica, Belize, Baja, and iconic locations like the Galapagos Islands and Yellowstone. Our programs act as a catalyst for broader environmental change by encouraging civic engagement, leveraging systemic change, and building collaborative efforts in communities. Are you ready to build a connection?


EPI's programs go beyond field-based education and stewardship. Our programs directly engage youth to foster a connection with nature and improve environmental education in imperiled areas.

Here's how EPI's mission might align with the goals your company has to improve your social impact and elevate your brand:

  • Focusing on youth

  • Connecting with nature

  • Improving environmental education

  • Managing climate change and carbon footprints

Meet our Corporate Sponsors

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