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Fuel the Field
Donate today

EPI has connected more than 26,500 students to our transformative field courses! These outdoor experiences require tools and gear that go through significant wear and tear, and costs to replace and restock items quickly adds up for our program sites.


Help fuel the field with a donation to equip youth with gear that helps them learn, explore, and preserve ecosystems!

You can now donate items we need directly to our programs! Check out our Amazon Wishlist >>

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Learn in any weather. 

Equip students with weather-based items such as tents, rainflies, ponchos, snowshoes, and sun shades to maximize their learning experience.

Research like a pro.

Demonstrate your confidence in students’ ability to conduct research using genuine science equipment like microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, snorkeling gear, and GPS units.

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Keep toolbelts stocked.

Provide EPI instructors with essential logistical tools like walkie-talkies, camp coolers, vans, trailers, and cookware, to enable them to focus
soley on empowering students.

Give gear that transforms outdoor learning.

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