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Bridging the funding gap caused by historic flooding in Yellowstone National Park

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Due to the recent historic flooding in Yellowstone National Park, EPI was forced to cancel several weeks of our field-based programming, removing critical revenues from local businesses that rely upon Yellowstone National Park summer visitors, including EPI students. 


Thanks to a quick response and generous relief efforts in the Yellowstone area, recovery is underway and EPI has the local ability and motivation to bring students back as soon as we can–benefiting the park and local businesses at a time when millions are canceling their trips to the area. We've worked with our Yellowstone National Park student, scientist, and administration partners to identify the areas of greatest need within the affected area.

How You Can Help:

  • We encourage you to first donate to the relief organizations providing direct support for water, social services, and housing for those affected - find a list on our blog.

  • We also ask that you consider a donation to EPI's Yellowstone Program so that our team can continue to bring students to the area, at a critical time in the park's history, and support the local businesses that are suffering most right now.

  • We invite you to come on a course with us this summer! EPI has connected 2900+ students and educators to the GYE - both local and from across the globe - since 2005, and we're so excited to continue to provide education in this incredible area in 2022.

"This flood has impacted so many businesses and families that rely on the tourism from Yellowstone during the summertime, and overall year-round as their source of income. Having grown up here, it’s heartbreaking to see all of the destruction in the park and how it’s affected so many of my friends and their families. All of the roads that we used to drive on and some of these houses we used to go to are now gone, and it’s still weird to process that, how in just the span of 24 hours, so much changed."

-Fiona, EPI Alumni - Gardiner, MT