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Protecting Biodiversity in the
Galapagos Islands

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Season Highlights

The Galapagos Islands are a spectacular natural laboratory, renowned for their endemic biodiversity. Marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, giant tortoises: there is only one Galapagos. 


But much of the unique wildlife in the archipelago is under threat. Invasive species have ravaged wildlife habitat and a rapidly changing climate is further disrupting the natural systems that wildlife relies upon for survival.


In partnership with the Galapagos National Park, EPI’s programs provide local Galapagueño students an opportunity to engage in the critical conservation efforts in their own backyard. By helping scientists and preserving vulnerable ecosystems, EPI inspires these students to protect these islands long into the future. 



Galapagos Students

Take the first step in engaging the next generation of conservation leaders.


the Fieldwork

EPI provides unique opportunities for alumni and other members of the community to participate in local conservation efforts in the Galapagos Islands.


Alumni facilitate and lead community-based projects, beach clean-ups, awareness campaigns, festivals, field trips, collaborations with local and international scientists, and more. 

Meet some of our alumni and the wildlife they're working to protect.

GalapagosA Teacher Who Travels
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Dirección del Parque Nacional Galápagos 

Dirección Distrital de Educación Consejo de Gobierno de Galápagos 

Galapagos Conservation Trust 

Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Program 

Houston Zoo 

Charles Darwin Foundation 

Litter Scientists 

Intercultural Outreach Initiative 

Casa de la Cultura


Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust 

Houston Zoo 

International Galapagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA) 


Dirección del Parque Nacional Galápagos 

Galapagos Biodiversity and Education Sustainability Fund of Ecoventura and Charles Darwin Foundation 

Dana Lurie & Dalila Vargas Charitable Fund 

Anonymous Donor

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