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We're making headlines!  The efforts that EPI's students, staff, alumni, and partners do to protect ecosystems and inspire a new generation of conservation leaders often make the news. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

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These kids are hoping to save Galapagos tortoises — and their own home — from climate change...

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Kids can make a difference in 'mind-boggling places' — from Yellowstone to Costa Rica...

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Student-led organizations rally to change plastic laws in Baja California Sur...


Volunteers joined efforts to clean up the María Aguilar River in Costa Rica...

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Field-based learning about conservation changes the life of a Belizean student...

A message from Nigel Marven

On a tour of Costa Rica, TV producer Nigel Marven visited Pacuare Reserve to meet our staff and film the research being carried out on leatherback sea turtles, agami heron, and jaguars.

Like most who visit this biodiverse Caribbean coastline, he found its treasures worthy of protection.

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