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Turning Inspiration

into Action

EPI's programs bridge cultural gaps, protect threatened species, and empower the next generation of conservation leaders, one student at a time. But these programs are just the seeds of positive change.


Real change takes time. EPI provides its alumni with continued engagement opportunities through internships, workshops, collegiate scholarships, mentorship programs, and more, allowing deep change to take root and creating the conditions for lifelong growth.

Impact that Lasts

EPI alumni report that our programs have a lasting impact on their education, careers, environmental dispositions and behaviors. Even more critically, these programs also cultivate social awareness and leadership skills, allowing us to magnify those impact across the wider community, catalyzing deep, systematic change.


Alumni Leaders

Each year, EPI awards funds to alumni who dream big and hope to do even bigger for the advancement of conservation in their communities. Each student has the potential to deeply influence their communities on a range of systemic issues at home and across the globe.

Meet our Alumni

EPI alumni inspire each other, and us, to make a difference in the world.