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EPI's staff and instructors come from across the globe and from backgrounds as varied as those cultures. One thing brings them together, though - a desire to change the world, one student at a time. 

At EPI, we aim to instill deep connections within the global communities where we operate, and we start with long term partnerships with staff, community members, and research partners local to those areas. 

Our Campuses & Local Communities

Hubs of conservation education.


Located in the center of La Paz and about eight blocks from its iconic “Malecón” or boardwalk, the Mexico EPI Campus is a collaborative initiative between EPI and Innovaciones Alumbra that was established in 2006. The campus is known for sheltering the first example of a fin whale skeleton ever reconstructed on Mexican soil. It is the starting and ending point of all EPI courses and has sleeping capacity for 20 students.

The grounds are also used for community events, such as symposiums, talks, and primary school student awareness-raising rallies. The EPI Mexico campus is also known for its sustainability and even receives visits from local schools for guided sustainability tours. All solid waste is separated and recycled, composting area included, the main office building is powered by solar panels, and nearly all plants are endemic. Finally, it is the only place in La Paz where citizens can drop off their glass for recycling.

Contact Us!
Guillermo Prieto 1038
e/Navarro y Encinas. Col. Centro
La Paz, B.C.S. C.P. 23000



In 2018, EPI Galapagos moved into their new offices located in the bustling town of Puerto Ayora.


The office, located in a quiet neighborhood, is adjacent to the island's solar panel plantation and a private elementary school.

Contact Us!:

Barrio Pampas Colorades
Calle Albatross y Isabela
Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz
Galapagos, Ecuador


Founded by John Denham in 1991, the Pacuare Reserve encompasses 2,500 acres of beachfront rainforest, four miles of coastline, and two research stations. The Reserve was gifted to EPI in 2016, providing a unique platform to fully develop and prototype EPI’s vision of integrated resource management, education, research, and community in a stunning setting of unique ecological importance. Pacuare is a protected haven for thousands of species, including the vulnerable leatherback sea turtle, threatened jaguars, and a nesting colony of the rare agami heron. 

The grounds include a North Station that can accommodate groups up to 25 and a South Station that can accommodate up to 45, two dining halls, an education center, miles of rainforest trails, and full-time on-site staff. At the South Station, you'll also find the Casa Grande, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom stilted home built for Eco-Tour visitors that sits in a quiet area overlooking the beach and nearby lagoon.

Contact Us!
Please contact our main Costa Rica office for information on Pacuare Reserve:
P.O. Box 82-3015
Calle La Saca, San Rafael
Heredia, Costa Rica 40501


Heredia - Costa Rica

EPI's Science & Conservation Education Center is nestled at the picturesque base of the Heredia mountains in the beautiful and quiet area of Los Angeles of San Rafael. A one-acre native-landscaped campus with offices, participant lodging, instructor housing, and plenty of inspirational outdoor space, our offices are also a home base for workshops, camps, talks, and community engagement activities on-site that promote environmental literacy and sustainable living.



EPI's Yellowstone program is based in Missoula's historic Swift Building. Staff and instructors travel to Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem throughout the year for programs in both the summer and winter. The Swift Center also serves as home base for prep days for the Bitterroot Wildlife Internship during summer months.


In 2009 EPI purchased the historic Swift Building along the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula, Montana. Surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, EPI staff at Swift enjoy a park on one side, a river walk on another, sustainable commuting rewards, a covered bike shelter, and a native plant garden.

Contact us! 

315 S. 4th Street E.

Missoula, MT 59801


How do we stay engaged?

Learn how EPI's dynamic, outdoor-driven educators find ways to stay connected to EPI's mission during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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