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Global Program Results

In 2022, EPI's field-based programs actively involved 6,232 students and educators in research and leadership initiatives. Collectively, we delved into the study of vulnerable species, successfully eliminated invasive plants, engaged with our communities, and made a significant impact on the world. Throughout this journey, we transcended cultural and geographical boundaries, fostering mutual empowerment in our shared mission to protect the land, animals, and invaluable resources we cherish.

EPI goes beyond its field programs to offer exceptional opportunities for alumni and community members to contribute to local conservation efforts. Alumni seize the chance to become conservation leaders, actively participating in eco clubs, community workshops, internships, and other student-led projects. These young individuals spearhead and guide community-based initiatives such as citizen science programs, beach clean-ups, awareness campaigns, festivals, field trips, collaborations with local and international scientists, and a myriad of other impactful endeavors.

Season Highlights

What Makes 

EPI Unique?

Partnerships with scientists - Biologists with Yellowstone National Park. Principal Investigators in the Galapagos. Our partnerships set us apart.

Real conservation impacts - Restoring habitat. Protecting wildlife. We all learn best when we know how much it matters.

Nonprofit initiatives - We're committed to building a brighter future for the planet. Your tuition dollars help fund education and conservation programs for communities in need. 

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