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Inspiring young leaders in
Baja, Mexico

The Gulf of California is home to 39% of the world's marine mammal species. The sea supports Mexico's most important fishery and the coastline is vital habitat for migrating species of birds.

But the communities of Baja, much like the desert that surrounds them, are particularly susceptible to environmental degradation. Demands on freshwater, unbridled touristic development, and other issues threaten the delicate balance of these systems.

In Baja, EPI addresses these issues at their root, by engaging young people in educational programming and activities that focus on science, conservation, and sustainability. We're building a better tomorrow, with better education today.

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Season Highlights


the Fieldwork

Life-changing experiences in the field are continued at the EPI Mexico campus in La Paz - a lively place where weekly gatherings, talks, and workshops are organized with neighboring schools and community members. Youth tackle sustainability issues affecting La Paz such as climate change and water and waste management, raising awareness on all levels.


Our youth-led Californios Verdes Eco Club meets on a regular basis to plan and coordinate conservation projects that hone their leadership skills while engaging their peers, community members, and scientists. 

Meet some of our alumni and the wildlife they're working to protect.

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Baja Students

Take the first step in engaging the next generation of conservation leaders.


Alianza Deplastifícate 



Enseña por México 


Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias A.C. PANGAS 

Prescott College A.C. 

Ponguinguiola A.C. 


Red Turismo Sustentable A.C. 

San Diego Natural History Museum 

SerVers MX 

Sociedad de Historia Natural 


Tiburón Ballena México


Alumbra Innovations Foundation 

The Builders Initiative 

Catena Foundation 

Dalio Ocean Initiative 

Fundación Carlos Slim 

Walton Family Foundation