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Steve McCarthy (Emeritus)

Steve McCarthy (Emeritus)

Aerospace Engineer (retired), Systems Engineering Associates (SEA)

When Steve McCarthy retired from his role as an aerospace engineer for Raytheon, he heard about equipment that needed delivering to EPI’s Pacuare Reserve. With some time on his hands, he offered to deliver the equipment, and found himself participating in a turtle census while at the site. He found a nesting turtle, and got to see the leatherback ‘up close and personal.’ This experience inspired him to become more involved with the organization and in 2005 he went on a trip to the Galapagos with his daughter.

For Steve, it is important to work with young people so they understand the value of taking care of our planet and its flora and fauna, and using its resources carefully with a recognition that they are limited. He appreciates the way EPI combines academic learning and practical activities to allow high-school aged students to experience these issues for themselves. He brings a wide range of experience to EPI’s Board, including in organization and financial management. His volunteer work with EPI has amplified his own concerns about sustainability, bringing them to the forefront in the choices he now makes in all aspects of his life, from home water usage to supporting global wildlife organizations.

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