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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Lead Financial Planner, Navion Financial Advisors

Steve Anderson met EPI co-founder Julie Osborn when they were made “buddies” on an Education Aboard program through the University of California in 1991. They spent 3 months in Costa Rica chasing down army ants at night and watching flower clusters to document hummingbird feeding patterns. Steve later participated in an EPI program through the Natomas Charter School and looks forward to his children’s first trip in the near future.

Steve appreciates how his volunteer work with EPI keeps him connected to ecology and environmental education, and sees the powerful way it introduces students to fieldwork and scientific inquiry. As a participant in an EPI program, he has seen first-hand how impactful the experience is for high-school aged youth. A self-described hard core recycler, composter, and water conserver, Steve stays connected to EPI’s core values in his own life and work. He has been involved with initiatives at the Natomas Charter School, including the formation of a permanent “ecology task force” charged with coordinating various environmental activities on campus, and nearby. He has also been involved with environmental projects nearby at Cache Creek Conservancy (revegetating wetlands), the UC's Reserve Quail Ridge (reptile surveys), and visiting other high schools to make them aware of the opportunities EPI offers.

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