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David Wilson, Vice Chair

David Wilson, Vice Chair

President, Triple C Management

David was particularly inspired by the sustainable, long-term impact EPI’s work is having, and the way in which the organization combines two of his own passions, the environment and education. Teaching youth around the world about the importance of conservation and minimizing our impact on the global environment are tools they will keep for a lifetime. They will then be able to go out and positively impact the communities in which they live. He believes that tackling the environmental crisis of climate change by educating the next generation is truly an inspirational piece of the much larger issue.

David brings professional expertise in marketing, brand building, and strategic planning to his role on the EPI Board as well as experience in fundraising and non-profit leadership on both Boards and Foundations. He has a strong belief in the work EPI is doing and is committed to helping the organization achieve its goals.

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