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Travel, science, conservation: these things don't happen in a vacuum. They take place in communities with particular cultures and economic contexts. Through its programs and global initiatives, EPI aspires toward cultural self-awareness and sensitivity. We've developed lasting partnerships with local communities in the belief that how you travel matters just as much as where you travel.


EPI's work is woven into the fabric of the communities where we operate. We have permanent offices and staff at our field sites. We prioritize hiring local instructors who have deep knowledge of their ecosystems and communities. And we partner with local nonprofits that are addressing community needs and issues. On our programs, students get involved in a wide range of community service projects, from beach cleanups in a Garifuna village to coral reef restoration in the Gulf of California. 


At our international field sites, EPI keeps local students engaged in conservation through its Eco clubs: Los Californios Verdes in Mexico, Sebali in Costa Rica, and Mola Mola in the Galapagos.  On our Travel Programs, you get to meet and interact with those local students. Sometimes you'll join hands-on conservation projects, sharing in the endeavor, and developing a sense of mutual responsibility. Other times, it's a classroom visit or a spontaneous game of soccer. Whatever the form, these moments of cultural exchange are a chance to build compassion, curiosity, and gratitude. 


Our Travel Programs play only one part of our organization's larger mission and vision. As an international nonprofit, EPI is dedicated to building a brighter, more sustainable future for the planet. We believe that immersive education and conservation are key. Through our Global Initiatives, EPI funds and operates science education programs and conservation projects for students, teachers, and communities in all of our operating locales. 


Inspire Local Students

Support the next generation of conservation leaders.

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