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EPI Plate


How it works

• The first time you purchase your EPI plate, you will pay your normal registration or renewal fees + $40 ($20 goes to the State and $20 is donated to EPI).

• If you'd like to participate immediately, you don't need to wait for your normal renewal cycle - you can renew now, and the MVD will prorate the fees as appropriate!

• Once you have the EPI plate, you will only pay your normal renewal fees + $20 (full $20 is donated to EPI for each renewal).

Contact us

Get in touch with any questions or concerns. We're happy to help!

Benefits of Purchasing an EPI Plate

Your purchase of an EPI license plate directly supports local, underserved Montana youth in our Yellowstone Program. While on course with EPI, these students experience hands-on science and conservation efforts, contributing to real, ongoing research in and around Yellowstone National Park.

Additionally, once purchased, 100% of your specialty plate renewal fee directly supports EPI each year and helps you share your love for Montana's wild animals and places through unique artwork for your vehicle.

Purchasing an EPI license plate means you're investing in youth, education, and conservation - empowering the next generation of conservation leaders to take an active role in protecting our planet.

Tie one on!

Contact your local MVD to select your plate

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