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10 People who are Inspired to Make a Difference!

We're looking back on our year and we're just so thankful for all of the people who continue to fulfill the mission of Ecology Project International (EPI) - inspire youth with nature and empower them with science, fostering tomorrow's leaders. We envision a diverse movement building communities that cherish and restore the ecosystems that sustain them.

We reached out to many of our most recent supporters last month and asked some of them,

"What inspires you to give to EPI?"

These responses came from a variety of people - parents, board members, local business leaders, scholarship contributors, and EPI employees.

From Parents:

​"I really like your mission but you transformed my son’s life. He was quiet and he came home from his course so excited! He has wonderful memories of his EPI trip! I will never forget how EPI changed his perspective!"

- Sarah from Missoula, EPI Donor & Parent

"Both of our daughters had great experiences with EPI. The cultural and immersive environment gave so much to them. Our daughters had an amazing time on their courses where they learned so much."

-Helen from Missouri, EPI Donor & Parent

"Our son took a ton away from EPI. It was a mind-changing experience. We're in the throes of college applications and all of his essays are about his connection to the natural world and what nature has taught him...he's looking to study history, maybe math, in undergrad, but when he talks about his interests and what he wants to do, ecology and conservation are always part of it." - Gita from Missoula, EPI Donor & Parent

From Community Members:

"We were looking for an organization to partner with and we knew it was meant to be when we met the EPI team in person. What an amazing group of dedicated and happy folks that are obviously filled with passion for their missions and projects. The EPI team always seems so personable and engaged. And we love that they have a Montana-based Yellowstone team and program as well!"

- Greg from Xplorer Maps in Missoula, EPI Donor & Partner

“We were inspired to find a way to support their programs and efforts to give local Montana students and also Native Montana students the opportunity to learn more about the importance of the ecology of Montana through their outdoor educational programs in Yellowstone National Park. We thought this was an incredible way for our organization to give back to such a worthy cause while also supporting the growth of students in our Montana communities.”

- Tom from ABC FOX Montana in Missoula, EPI Scholarship Donor

From EPI Staff:

"I give to EPI because science education is incredibly important - and is best taught on the ground, with real world, positive applications." -

- Heather from Missoula, EPI Donor & Employee

"I feel especially proud to contribute to EPI as an employee because this is an organization that really “walks the walk.” My peers give me the confidence to do my best work for science and conservation in my professional life and the inspiration to be a better steward of the planet in my personal life. Simply put, a gift to EPI is a gift toward a brighter, more sustainable future!"

-Neala from Missoula, EPI Donor & Employee

From EPI's Board of Directors:

"I give to EPI because I believe that experiential learning is critical to inspiring and supporting the next generation to protect and preserve the planet." - T'Noya from Houston, EPI Donor and EPI Board Member

From Friends & Supporters

​"I cherish family, animals, education, and our environment. When I donate to EPI, it meets all of those heartbeats."

- Stacey from Colorado, EPI Donor

"EPI’s mission is meaningful and I endorse the work which I couldn’t conduct personally. Saving endangered species is to save the diversity of ecological systems, ultimately saving our mother earth! I believe even small donations can make a big difference!"

- Christina from Maryland, EPI Donor


YOU can make a difference too! Your gift to EPI will give back to youth learning from the science and conservation work that happens across our program sites in the US and Latin America! You can transform youth and science education with your support to EPI!

Even better, each gift of $50 before the end of 2022 becomes an entry for YOU to win a three-day stay at Pacuare Reserve, EPI's center for learning and conservation in Costa Rica! This means your $50 donation is one entry, your $100 donation is two entries, and so on! The winner will be drawn on January 13, 2022. Will you lift up the next generation of students to make a positive change in the future?



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