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Building Sustainable Communities with EPI Mexico

EPI Mexico staff, instructors, interns, alumni, and volunteers excel in taking environmental lessons from the field and putting them into practice throughout their community of La Paz, Baja California Sur. The passionate, creative team inspires us at our program sites around the world to be more active and involved in our home ecosystems!

At EPI’s core, we strive to engage local communities in youth development, leadership, and habitat conservation.

Recently, our Mexico team exemplified these values by collaborating with local stakeholders on green infrastructure, beach preservation, and municipal water conservation.

Our Resilient Neighborhood

Sustainable beautification of public spaces through strategic landscaping is a fantastic way to reduce water usage, retain water in native plants, reduce erosion, and create a comfortable outdoor space for people to enjoy.

EPI staff and instructors collaborated with fellow environmental organizations Urbanería and Niparajá in leading youth through a three-day neighborhood rehabilitation workshop, aptly named "Our Resilient Neighborhood."

All three organizations are passionate about ensuring La Paz is full of communal spaces that are multifunctional, safe, and inclusive.

Yo Amo Balandra

Between tabling at the most bustling and scenic environmental fair in La Paz to engaging folks from around the region via Zoom, the message on why preserving Balandra Beach is critical was delivered far and wide by the Californios Verdes.

The Californios Verdes are a group of EPI Alumni committed to protecting their beloved home of La Paz for generations to come.

Tabling at local events is one of the ways that the Californios Verdes educate the community on environmental issues affecting La Paz that require widespread attention and action.

"Yo Amo Balandra," or "I Love Balandra," is the tagline for the beach rallies put on by the Californios Verdes. Most recently, they provided educational sessions for the local community focused on why the Balandra basin is a crucial source of freshwater for the arid desert ecosystem, and how Balandra's mangroves protect over 100 terrestrial and aquatic species. The information was presented with interactive games and 3D maps, making learning as accessible and fun as possible for the public.

Water Systematization Workshop

Water scarcity seriously affects La Paz, and experts from the private and public sectors are coming together to strategize what optimal conservation can look like for the urban desert ecosystem.

Who are some of those experts? EPI Mexico staff and interns!

EPI Mexico attended a Water Systematization Workshop along with biologists, geologists, public representatives, and academic experts in the field to begin a dialogue on water conservation solutions. Our administration and communications interns also helped at the event with registering attendees, moderating work tables, and participating in discussions.

Action for a Sustainable Future

You don't need to be an environmental expert or work in the field to get involved in conservation in your community. Look to the little kids who helped rebuild part of that neighborhood as proof!

It takes more than a couple of professionals to reimagine a brighter future for our home planet and your input matters. Whatever community you call home, we encourage you to plant your roots a little deeper and engage where you can.

Learn more about where your water comes from. Ask questions when you see leaders working for positive change. Reimagine what your neighborhood could look like. We're all building a brighter future together!



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