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EPI Student Travel Programs: Travel that Gives Back

After a challenging year, are you looking for ways to re-engage your students and offer a meaningful way to connect with the world around them? EPI's Student & Teacher Expeditions offer life-changing domestic and international travel experiences that get your students out of the classroom and immersed in an entirely new environment.

These programs give students the opportunity to experience the awe of real-world scientific exploration. They'll collect real data that contribute to ongoing scientific studies alongside experts in their field. They'll also get out of their comfort zones and gain new world perspective as they engage in diverse cultures through language, food, crafts, and traditions.

While each EPI program has a unique realm of study, they all share the common DNA of meaningful field science, hands-on research, and a commitment to deep engagement with local issues. Students can bear witness to the incredible survival story of North America's wildlife on the Yellowstone Winter Ecology program. They'll explore the rich waters of the "world's aquarium" and snorkel with whale sharks during a Baja Marine Science program. Or, study tropical ecology at a research facility deep in the lowland tropical forest on Costa Rica Sea Turtle Ecology program.

There are hundreds of travel organizations that partner with classrooms across the country, but EPI's investment in the communities where we choose to work sets us apart. EPI has lasting partnerships with researchers, national parks, and local communities. In fact, EPI works with thousands of local students at our program sites each year, so our students extend beyond the United States.

Teachers can feel good about traveling with EPI knowing tuition dollars help fund education and conservation programs for communities in need.

Now is the time to start planning a trip for your students for 2022 and 2023. Enroll 6 or more students in one of our programs by October 15, 2021 and receive a $1,000 scholarship towards your program! Get started by visiting our Student & Teacher Expedition page and checking out our program offerings, or click on "Request a Catalog" to receive our student travel planner.

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