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Analena Gómez Tagle

Finance and Administration Coordinator

Analena Gómez Tagle is the Administration and Finance Coordinator for Ecology Project International's Mexico Program. With over 40 years of residency in BCS, she proudly hails from La Paz, Mexico. Analena holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, specializing in resource management and the implementation of administrative controls.

Having occupied various managerial positions throughout her career, Analena brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her expertise extends to areas such as health and food safety, aligning her knowledge with the goals of the Mexico Program.

Passionate about environmental education, Analena is particularly dedicated to the conservation and restoration of resources. She firmly believes in the potential of today's younger generations to reverse the environmental damage caused by previous ones. Embracing this conviction, she actively seeks to contribute to their efforts.

In her leisure time, Analena finds solace in practicing yoga, a pursuit that nourishes her well-being. She also indulges in the artistic realm, exploring watercolor painting and pastel drawing, despite her modest self-assessment of her skills. These creative endeavors provide her with a relaxing escape. Additionally, Analena takes pleasure in gardening and cooking, further enhancing her connection with nature.

Driven by her commitment to environmental preservation and dedication to administrative excellence, Analena Gómez Tagle plays a pivotal role in the Mexico Program of Ecology Project International.

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