EPI Webinars

Free Professional Development

Ecology Project International is delighted to introduce free, classroom-ready, NGSS-aligned lessons and storylines, and free professional development to help teachers connect the classroom to the environment.


Virtual workshops will be offered throughout 2022 to introduce teachers to resources for Biology, Environmental Science, and Earth Science in grades 6 - 12.

Zoom with us this year for professional development to build the bridge that helps your students connect to nature, and help build the next generation of environmental stewards and scientists. 

Tour the EPI Classroom and published storylines, take an in-depth exploration of a unique lesson, and enjoy a sneak peek into future EPI storylines.


  • Lessons on biodiversity, climate change, human impact, and ecology

  • Scaffolded lessons, information, and tools to support students 

  • Extensions for students ready for more challenges

Upcoming Webinars

Counting Species in the Rainforest

February 15, 2022- FULL

Connect your students to authentic data collection at EPI's Pacuare Reserve in Costa Rica without leaving the classroom.

Populations & Pressures in Yellowstone

Date: TBD

Engage your students with scientific phenomena and implement techniques to analyze the pressures that are impacting the charismatic organisms of Yellowstone.

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