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Marlu Robledo Mejía

Mexico Program Manager

Marlu is the daughter of migrant parents and has been living on the shores of the Gulf of California, México since 2006 and holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Education from Prescott College, AZ. Marlu has been learning for 20 years, living with indigenous communities in the Southeast of Mexico, fishing communities in the Northeast of Mexico, as well as working interculturally and interdisciplinarily with international organizations.

She considers herself an environmental and popular educator, feminist, and activist. Her passion is the struggle to create a world where young people have opportunities to dream, believe, and create the world they want to see, as she once had.

She enjoys running long distances, doing many burpees, participating in human rights marches, and creating spaces for self-care and self-management with other women. She currently lives in La Paz, BCS with her husband, her dog Kira, and their cats Rigoberto and Agüita.

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