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Nancy Castro Fernández

Costa Rica Instructor

Nancy is a passionate tropical biologist hailing from the vibrant city of San José, Costa Rica. Having spent her entire life in the rich biodiversity of her homeland, Nancy is on a journey to blend her love for the tropics with her commitment to conservation. Currently pursuing a degree in natural resources management and a master's in sustainable development with an emphasis on natural resources conservation, Nancy brings a wealth of academic knowledge to her role.

Her extensive experience in the tropical rainforest, combined with working with people of all ages, shapes her into a dedicated field instructor. Nancy finds excitement in guiding the younger generation, firmly believing that environmental education is the key to saving our planet. She sees the field instructor role as an opportunity to showcase the transformative power of environmental education.

A perpetual learner, Nancy's curiosity extends beyond the rainforest. Fluent in multiple languages, she immerses herself in Italian, English, and Portuguese podcasts while engaging in handcrafts or staying active. Photography is another of Nancy's passions, capturing moments in the forest, especially when birding.Join Nancy on a journey through the wonders of Costa Rica, where education, conservation, and appreciation for nature converge. Together, let's explore the beauty of the tropical rainforest and inspire the next generation to become stewards of our precious planet.

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