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Raquel Bone Guzmán

Costa Rica Instructor

Meet Raquel Bone Guzmán, a passionate instructor for Ecology Project International's Costa Rica Program. Raquel has recently completed her master's degree in Biology, specializing in the study of the distribution of large and medium-sized mammals in the private lands of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Her research involved spending one and a half years walking and exchanging knowledge with local people, making her a valuable asset to any educational program.

Raquel has more than two years of experience working as a teaching assistant for ecology and conservation programs in Costa Rica, including the Caribbean region. She came to EPI after hearing positive feedback about the program and is eager to share her knowledge of nature with young people while also learning from them during courses. Her love for exploring natural lands and small towns makes her the ideal person to lead educational programs focused on ecology and conservation.

In her free time, Raquel loves hiking and spending time in the forest. She is also an artist at heart, with a love for scientific ink-drawing. Her hard work and dedication to her studies have been recognized with several awards and scholarships, including the best grade recognition for the Biology Master's Program at the University of Costa Rica, a UCR-DAAD scholarship to the Laboratory of Experimental Ecology at Ulm University, a Rufford Foundation grant, and a Wild Felid Legacy Scholarship for her thesis fieldwork.

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