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A New Way to Give the Gift of Gear

Spring means blooming wildflowers, the end of hibernation, and the start of peak EPI field season! Here at EPI, we've been thinking of how to ensure our program sites have all the gear they need for upcoming courses. While there are several ways we work to meet these needs, we are excited to introduce a new pathway for EPI enthusiasts to pitch in. Drumroll, please!

By providing the essential and reliable equipment

needed at each of our program sites, you can help ensure that quality conservation experiences are at the heart of our operations. Furthermore, we hope to empower you to make a direct and meaningful impact on our courses by allowing you to select the specific items you'd like to gift.

Types of Gear Needed

EPI is well-versed in providing reliable gear for the smooth functioning and effectiveness of our programs. With each site comes a wholly different set of gear we bring for working, learning, and living in the unique ecology. While there is a lot of gear to consider, each site has three general types of equipment needs: "Learn in Any Weather," "Research like a Pro," and "Keep Toolbelts Stocked."

In the "Learn in Any Weather" category, you can contribute items that enable students to embrace outdoor education, rain or shine.

Likewise, the "Research like a Pro" category focuses on equipping students with real-deal tools for data collection and analysis.

Additionally, the "Keep Toolbelts Stocked" category empowers course instructors with instructional aids and supplies, allowing them to create dynamic learning environments.

Watch Our Unboxing Video!

To express our gratitude and showcase the impact of gear that is already coming in from our wish list, we filmed an unboxing video!

You might be wondering why gear for Pacuare Reserve arrives at our Missoula office first. This is to ensure that gifted gear arrives safely at the correct location. Staff at our Missoula office often travel to our different program sites and can bring this gear with them in their luggage. Having an EPI member bring these items can ensure these gifts are accounted for and are handed off to the correct people, especially for places like Pacuare Reserve that require a 30-minute boat ride up a river to get to the site.

Here To Stay

We are happy to say that our Amazon wish list will be continuously updated year-round and will remain on our main donation pages. By doing so, we ensure that your support aligns with our evolving needs and priorities, allowing you to make a lasting difference.

As we launch this new path for giving, we invite you to be an integral part of our mission to provide safe and educational course seasons. Your contributions to the wish list directly impact the reliability of our programs, enabling us to deliver transformative learning experiences. We express our deepest gratitude to those who have already donated gear, and we encourage everyone to explore the wish list on our main donation page. Together, let's harness the power of reliable gear and empower young minds to thrive in the field.

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