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EPI Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here and we wanted to share our first ever EPI Gift Guide, with both gifts and ideas for the friends and family in your life that love conservation, education, and sustainability!

1. It's American Press - What's better than a hot cup of coffee and conservation? For the coffee-lover in your life, head over to It's American Press, and check out their Caffeine and Conservation package! Your coffee press purchase sponsors our leatherback sea turtle research team and includes a personalized Adopt a Hatchling Kit from EPI.

2. Planet Post Box - Want your gift to go farther? Check out this monthly subscription box that sends an action kit right to your doorstep. Each box comes with a "mission of the month", eco-conscious goodies, and the supplies you need to make a difference on a topic like marine conservation or plastic reduction.

3. Adopt a Hatchling - Go digital and Adopt a Hatchling with EPI! Let that special someone know you are thinking of them and we'll do the work for you with a personalized, digital adoption kit. Each symbolic adoption supports Pacuare Reserve and our turtle research program.

4. Rick McIntyre - Any bookworms in your life? Rick McIntyre has educated EPI students for years on the incredible features of Yellowstone and one of its most popular inhabitants - wolves! Now you can read all about the story of Yellowstone wolves in the Rise of Wolf 8 and the Reign of Wolf 21. These books are perfect for any nature lover!

5. EPI Outdoor Gear Store - Have you heard of Gear for Good? That's what we say about our very own EPI outdoor gear store! Each item is inspired by our field locations and the unique species that call these places home. With home decor, clothing, stickers, buffs, and more there is pretty much something for everyone.

6. Javier Rovira Photography - We couldn't share the magic of our field programs without photos, and Javier has captured many of these moments for us! Javier Lobon Rovira, a scientist and wildlife photographer, donates part of the proceeds from his photography to conservation projects. Any prints or photos shown on his website are available for purchase.

7. EPI Courses - Give the gift of experience! We realize travel is uncertain right now but are hopeful for a brighter future where students connect outdoors. Do you have an adventure-loving student in your life? Check out our current Holiday Promotion and risk-free enrollment. Or, look to the spring and summer for our new Gap Year Program for high school graduates.

8. Mighty Fix - Starting at just $11 a month, you can gift someone sustainable living! Shipped in recyclable packaging, each month your gift recipient will get a new item that supports eco-conscious living such as bamboo travel utensils, beeswax wraps, or water bottles. MightyFix makes a pledge that all products are non-toxic and support a healthy environment.

9. A Gift Donation - For the person in your life that already has it all, consider making a donation in their honor. Find a cause they support and make a gift donation for them! Most programs will even send a personal thank you note to them. When you donate on EPI's new website and choose to gift a donation of any amount, we will send you both a special thank you.

10. Give Local - Small businesses are struggling and communities are coming together to help them through. Consider buying gifts locally or purchasing gift cards from your favorite local restaurants, stores, and nonprofits. In Missoula, home of EPI's headquarters, there are specific giving days even after the holidays. Keep an eye out for these in your area!


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