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The Wild Rockies and You

Biking across the entire state of Montana. Canoeing through crimson desert canyons of the Southwest. Earning a semester's worth of upper-division college credit while spending weeks in the backcountry. If you loved learning in the field with EPI, and are intrigued by the aforementioned list of adventures, taking a course with our partners at the Wild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI) may be the perfect next step on your educational trails. Read on to discover the special opportunity WRFI is offering EPI Alumni.

What in the World is WRFI?

The Wild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI) offers “academically rigorous, place-based field courses that develop engaged, informed citizens and strong leaders capable of addressing complex social and environmental issues.” WRFI and EPI share similar missions and field-based education models. Offering students life-changing, hands-on learning opportunities in the outdoors is foundational to who we are as organizations.

WRFI courses are typically longer in duration than EPI courses, lasting about two months in the field rather than two weeks. Student groups travel through a variety of Rocky Mountain landscapes via foot, bicycle, and boat, camping all along the way. EPI focuses primarily on high-school curriculum (although we do offer courses for middle schoolers, college students, and teachers), while WRFI is more geared toward college students.

How is EPI Connected to WRFI?

Both environmental education nonprofits’ main offices are nestled between five mountain ranges in the valley of Missoula, Montana. Partnering two Missoula-based organizations with parallel conservation goals already seems like a natural fit, particularly to me, as I am a WRFI alum myself! The Colorado Plateau WRFI course I took in 2018 is the reason I am working in environmental education today.

EPI and WRFI strive to extend the student experience beyond the time students spend in the field on course. We want as many people as possible to flourish in academia, outdoor exploration, and environmental stewardship. Connecting our former students to more field-based educational opportunities beyond EPI is one example of how we can extend that experience, and WRFI is an exceptional option.

Special Offer for EPI Alumni

Thanks to WRFI’s commitment to fostering the next generation of tomorrow’s environmental leaders, EPI Alumni are now eligible for a 5% tuition discount when signing up for a WRFI course. Anyone who enjoyed their EPI course and is ready to take their field experience to the next level is encouraged to apply!

Contact Joe Loviska at for more information on the wild trails waiting for you.

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