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Let's Go "Xploring" with EPI's Newest Partnership!

Have you ever found yourself clicking around Google Maps, remembering a special place you’ve visited? Re-walking the streets you’ve traveled or reminiscing about the spots you know only exists in that special place?

At Ecology Project International, we know how great it is to explore and learn in new corners of the world! Travel brings wonder to all and questions begging to be answered. We strive to fuel that wonder by inspiring students and teachers to ask questions about the places they are immersed in, about the wildlife they are observing, and how we can ensure these sites are protected for future generations.

We’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Xplorer Maps, a Missoula-based business that has combined a love for travel, art, and protecting natural spaces. With our partnership, EPI and Xplorer Maps will work on an original, hand-drawn map of Costa Rica! The Xplorer Maps artists (and brothers!) Chris and Greg Robitaille form partnerships with organizations dedicated to conserving and preserving our public lands and they give back to the places they love. With the creation of this Costa Rica map (featuring EPI’s Pacuare Reserve), Xplorer Maps will donate a portion of sales from their Costa Rica merchandise in perpetuity to help fund EPI’s Costa Rica education and conservation initiatives!

Xplorer Maps has already supported EPI’s Yellowstone work this year with a portion of their sales from both their warehouse sale and Missoula First Friday sales in May 2022 to help youth conservation education in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Additionally, they were a match to our Fuel the Field Yellowstone fundraiser earlier this year.

It’s clear to us that our partnership, while young, will help EPI youth and ecosystems that live near EPI’s program sites. We’re so excited about this alliance and are eager to share our map with you when it is ready. Until then, you can support EPI’s Costa Rica youth and conservation initiatives or show some love to our new friends at Xplorer Maps!

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