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Top 5 Wild Animal Instagrams to Follow

We've noticed a lot of animal-based Instagram accounts out there and a lot of corresponding lists about which to follow. But as much as we all love dogs in sweaters and cats with hats on, we here at EPI wanted to share our favorite Instagram accounts that feature the wildest of animals. While our choices are based on the quality of the posts, we tend to give special preference to those who also use their photography for social good, habitat conservation, or threatened species awareness.



David Doubilet is a National Geographic photographer, speaker, and author who specializes in ocean ecosystems and conservation. His specialty shot is capturing the scene above and below the surface of our earth's most extreme bodies of water. Follow him on Instagram or read more on his website.

Photo and caption by David Coubilet.

A baby green sea turtle swims for the protection of the open ocean off Nengonengo French Polynesia.


Jonah Evans is a lover of all things wild and animal, including tracks and scat. He's a wealth of information, and you won't visit his Instagram without learning something strange and fascinating. You can learn more about Jonah's nature tracking on his website.  

Photo and Caption by Jonah Evans

It is often possible to decipher the claw marks from the front and hind feet. long scratches are usually made while descending.


Joel Sartore is a photographer, speaker, author, teacher, and a 20-year contributor to National Geographic magazine. Joel's simple mission is to document endangered species and landscapes in order to show a world worth saving. In his words, “It is folly to think that we can destroy one species and ecosystem after another and not affect humanity.  When we save species, we’re actually saving ourselves.” Well said, Joel. We couldn't agree more. Read more about Joel and support his mission here.

Photo and caption by Joel Sartore

The tail of a Central American squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii) serve as security blanket at the Summit Zoo in Panama.


Peter Mather's photography is his ticket to the wilderness and its adventure. His inspiration has been and is still the beauty of the Yukon and the fight to protect its wilderness areas. "My photography is a combination of photojournalism and a fine art. I hope to inspire people to explore outdoors and to preserve our wildlife and our wildlands." Well, we're definitely inspired. Yukon, ho! Follow Peter on Instagram and visit his website to learn more. 

Photo and caption by Peter Mather.

A pregnant female caribou fights its way through an avalanche of jumbled ice on the Porcupine River. It is absolutely amazing what these caribou do every year to reach their calving grounds in Alaska's ANWR. With swollen bellies they cross ice choked rivers, walk hundreds of kilometres in chest deep snow, and fend off packs of wolves.


We'd be a little silly if we didn't love our own Instagram feed! When students go into the field with EPI to do real-world science and conservation work, they get to see some of the world's most beautiful and threatened animals in their natural habitats. It's a life-changing experience that instills a sense of conservation stewardship and creates the next generation of conservation leaders, one student at a time. Follow us on Instagram or visit our website to learn more about the variety of ways you can get involved with EPI.

Photo by Ecology Project International.

Sea lions greet one another on a Galapagos beach.

Know of other great Instagram feeds animal-lovers should follow? Share in the comments!


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