Field science and
cultural exchange programs

Sea Turtle Consumer Turned Protector

“I am not going to eat any turtle eggs again in my life!”

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Finding a Deeper Connection to Nature

“I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and help my community.”

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A Conservation Steward is Born

"I felt like I was one with nature."

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our partners
  • National Commission on Natural Protected Areas (CONANP)
  • Sociedad de Historia Natural NIPARAJA A.C.
  • Oceanic Society
  • EARTH University
  • Save the Turtles, Inc

EPI is an education and student group travel non-profit dedicated to developing field science partnerships between local experts and high school students to address critical conservation issues worldwide.

Our student group travel programs engage youth from local communities and the United States in conservation as they learn how to conduct field science research and actively help protect threatened species and habitats.