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Student & Teacher Travel

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For educators, for parents and students, and for students traveling solo.

Excitement is your job; logistics are ours. Learn about stress-free planning and our courses.
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Can 9 days really change your life? It all depends on where you spend them.
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Costa Rica - Sea Turtle Ecology

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Baja - Turtle Ecology

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Belize - Marine Ecology

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Suit up. Dive in. Join us.
Make the field your classroom.

Meet Vicky: 2015 Marine Education Fellow

“One thing that really stands out is EPI’s dedication to working with a strong research group and having that strong research base as one of the requirements for choosing their sites, not just touristic value. Beyond that, the curriculum was so strong in this program. As someone fresh from teacher school, everything they teach now is inquiry-based learning. So few teachers, let alone travel organizations, put that into practice, though, and you really have it down at EPI.

I love that this program allowed us the opportunity to do things that I never in... Learn More

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