Baja Coastal Ecology Program - Field Science with your Students

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Baja - Coastal Ecology

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Baja - Coastal Ecology

Abstract volcanic stonescapes. Glowing turquoise seas. Forty percent of the world's marine mammals call the incredible peninsula and waters of Baja home. You'll get to see and swim with some of them in the Baja Coastal Ecology Program.

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The most striking of landscapes

Spend a week in a haven for local conservationists, the protected beaches of Balandra in Baja. From your group's secluded beach campsite, you'll take day trips by boat to Espiritu Santo Island, part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There, you’ll snorkel to conduct marine invertebrate diversity studies, discovering rainbow-hued sea cucumbers and sea stars. Sea lions are often known to join us in the water here. Options await back in La Paz for your remaining days: swimming with whale sharks, visiting the desert oases of the Sierras, or exploring the sustainable initiatives of La Paz with members of EPI’s local ecoclub.

A happy EPI Baja student
The beautiful Baja coastline
Using identification guides to assess marine invertebrate diversity

Our EPI Mexico campus is an integral part of our program delivery, with a dormitory for visiting students, resource room, indoor and outdoor meeting space, a palapa, native garden, and 65-foot Fin whale skeleton - the only one on display in Mexico! The campus hosts workshops, lectures, trainings, and awareness events throughout the year.

Since 2014, EPI Mexico’s Eco Club, Californios Verdes, has been working tirelessly to get EPI’s Mexico campus certified as a “smart campus” by the PROBEA Smart School Program. Club members engage in hands-on activities that create and encourage best practices for sustainability on the EPI campus. They work on projects to reduce the ecological footprint of the campus like recycling, reducing... Learn More