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Safety is our
Top Priority

At EPI, we understand that risk is an inherent part of travel. It's an inherent part of life. On our programs, we give our participants structured opportunities to lean into intellectual, physical, and emotional risks in the belief that those challenges engender growth. Creating those learning opportunities while actively managing the risks of travel is our highest responsibility as an education organization.

For more than 20 years, EPI has safely delivered life-changing travel experiences for thousands of students, teachers, and families. 

Programs are designed with safety & risk in mind

In selecting program activities, EPI makes careful consideration of risks to participants. Instructors can only engage participants in activities that have been pre-approved by program staff. Additionally, for certain higher-risk activities, EPI vets and hires professional outfitters with excellent safety records. In fact, all third party vendors (transport, lodging, food services, etc.) are reviewed to ensure the quality of service and appropriate attention to safety.

Instructors are trained and experienced

Every EPI program has a minimum of two instructors. We hire instructors with prior teaching experience and background managing groups in outdoor environments. All instructors receive on-site, program-specific training. At least one instructor is required to have Wilderness First Aid or higher medical certification, and instructors at all Spanish speaking sites are bilingual. These are dedicated educators, invested in the care of our participants.

Administrative Support is available 24/7

EPI maintains full-time risk management staff, both domestically and internationally, with duty officers on-call 24 hours a day while participants are in the field. All of our medical protocols and emergency action plans are developed with a U.S. based physician, a wilderness medical advisor, and our local partners. They're re-evaluated every year. Our systems are in place and up to date.

Our participants play a role

It's not often talked about, but participants themselves play a key role in the safety of any travel program. We expect responsible behavior from our participants, and we prepare them for the field with extensive medical review processes, environmental briefings from instructors, and clear policies for behavior. While EPI takes the lead on risk management, we recognize that we are all in each other's care.

Looking for More Details?

We're happy to share more regarding our risk management protocols and processes.

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