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Winter Educator Training


  • Work with bison and other wildlife

  • Connect with a network of educators

  • Develop curriculum that aligns with the NGSS


Travel to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for an immersive professional development program focused on conservation ecology and inquiry-driven learning. Through conservation service work and data collection with scientists from Yellowstone National Park and the U.S. Forest Service, you’ll gain first-hand experience with contemporary conservation and research methods. Our work with wildlife like American bison, pronghorn, and elk will foster valuable teaching skills and help you develop a curriculum that will connect your students to the natural world. This course is open to all levels of informal or formal educators; no application is required.


All of EPI's Professional Development Programs for teachers demonstrate progressive, inquiry-based teaching methods that will introduce more exploration into your classroom. Tuition includes onsite transportation and room and board. Graduate credits are available through a separate registration process.

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Health & Safety

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Your Fieldwork

The great migration: American bison

Why do bison move across the landscape? Work with park researchers studying bison grazing and migration. Through vegetation sampling, GPS tracking, telemetry, fecal samples, and other data points, you'll help researchers understand how bison use resources, what the implications are for the greater ecosystem, and how bison should be managed in and outside the protection of the park.


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