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Educator Workshop


  • Snorkel with marine life

  • Study the NGSS

  • Learn from fellow educators

Join your fellow educators for an incredible professional development experience in Baja, Mexico. On the 5-day Baja Educator Workshop, you'll explore one of the world's richest marine environments. With EPI instructors and research partners you'll study and snorkel with a rich array of marine life in the Gulf of California, and you'll examine microplastics effects and prevalence in marine ecosystems. By diving into the NGSS framework, you'll learn how to use these kinds of real-world phenomenon to take your students' learning to new depths.

All of EPI's Professional Development Programs for teachers demonstrate progressive, inquiry-based teaching methods that will introduce more exploration into your classroom. Tuition includes in-country transportation and room and board. Graduate credits are available through a separate registration process.

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Health & Safety

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Your Fieldwork

Survey microplastics on Baja's coast

An estimated 500 pounds of plastic make into the ocean every second. Over time, these plastics break down into microscopic forms. With researchers, we'll conduct microplastics surveys along Baja's coast in order to examine the broad-ranging impact of our consumer choices and behaviors. 


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