Marine Ecology


  • Help monitor manatees in the Southern Lagoon

  • Assist with neotropical bat surveys and herpetology studies in the rainforest

  • Participate in a guided snorkeling excursion


​From the incredible diversity of inland rainforests to the swaying seagrass beds of the Caribbean, Belize is a country of profound beauty. On land and in the water, you’ll practice your observation skills and field research techniques as you help collect data on species like West Indian manatees and neotropical bats. Throughout your experience, you'll explore and ultimately help protect the critical ecosystems these charismatic creatures call home.

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Health & Safety

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Tuition, Financial Aid, & Fundraising

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Your Fieldwork

Dive into marine research

The Southern Lagoon of Belize is critical habitat for many of Belize's marine species, like the West Indian manatee. Conduct snorkel quadrants on critical habitat and collect observational data on these rare species as part of an on-going baseline study.

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Partner Profile

The Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S.) is dedicated to conserving Belize’s natural and cultural heritage. Based at a welcoming research station in central Belize, T.R.E.E.S. works to achieve this through education, local and international networking, capacity building, and conservation-based community projects. Their ecological studies include avian, small mammal, and herpetological monitoring and habitat restoration projects. Their focus on community education and outreach makes them an ideal partner for EPI.