Marine Ecology


  • Help monitor manatees in a marine reserve

  • Explore the diverse landscapes of Southern Belize

  • Monitor roosting sites of yellow-headed parrots

Far from the tourist hubs, you'll work with researchers to monitor manatees off the coast of Southern Belize, explore the inland rainforests, and immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of the Toledo District. Visit a world-renowned jaguar sanctuary. Monitor manatees in the protected waters of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and snorkel azure waters near Snake Caye. Explore the many ecosystems found in Payne’s Creek National Park from broadleaf forests, herbaceous marshlands, to saline and hypersaline lagoons.

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Health & Safety

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Tuition, Financial Aid, & Fundraising

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Your Fieldwork

Dive into marine research

The Port Honduras Marine Reserve is critical habitat for many of Belize's marine species, like the endangered Florida and Antillean manatee. Conduct snorkel quadrants on critical habitat and collect observational data on these rare species as part of an on-going baseline study.

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Partner Profile

The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment or TIDE is a grassroots, conservation nonprofit that manages some of Belize's most pristine environments. Established in 1997 out of local concern about poaching and over-fishing, TIDE has played a critical role in establishing several of Belize's national parks and protected marine areas. It manages those areas through detailed ecological surveys and a respect for local knowledge, making them an ideal partner for EPI.